colleague */*/*/

colleague */*/*/
UK [ˈkɒliːɡ] / US [ˈkɑˌlɪɡ] noun [countable]
Word forms "colleague":
singular colleague plural colleagues
someone who works in the same organization or department as you

Friends and colleagues will remember him with affection.

his Cabinet/party colleagues

colleague at/in/from:

her colleagues at the university

a) someone in your organization who has the same status or level of responsibility as you

She was liked both by colleagues and subordinates.

b) someone from a different organization or department who you work or deal with
colleague at/in/from:

It's something that my colleagues at the embassy are extremely concerned with.

c) someone who does the same job as you in a different organization, department, or place
colleague at/in/from:

Local firefighters will help colleagues in Eastern Europe by providing advice and equipment.

English dictionary. 2014.

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